MyDrive website default start location

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I quite often use the MyDrive website application to plan my routes and then send them to my device (Go 6000). Whenever I open the MyDrive website it has a pin in a location near my home but NOT my home location. Similarly whenever I plan a route it uses the same address as the start point but that address is NOT my home address. Is there a way to set the default starting location as my home address?


  • dhn
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    Actually, there are many that do not wish their actual location to be shown as 'Home' just in case the device is lost or stolen.

    As long as the start location is close by, your planning a route shouldn't be affected too much. The device will 'recalculate' shortly after you get going.
  • JustinTime
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    Being able to obfuscate your real home address is fine, but for those of us not so paranoid it would be a good addition to be able to be specific. Perhaps you should mis-locate all 'places' and then you could go on a magical mystery tour every time you use your TomTom?

    Thanks for your contribution anyway.