New Android phone doesn't pair with Bandit camera - displaying: wrong pin code

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First I had the 'Moto issue' with my Motorola Moto G3 where the Bandit camera didn't reconnect to the Android app. Issue and sort of a work around here:

Recently, I bought myself a new Android phone (Xiaomi Mi A1 with stock Android 7.1.2). I was very hopeful all my Tomtom Bandit camera app issues would be over. But too bad my issue only increased. I can't even connect to the Bandit anymore. When I enter the pin code, it's displaying 'wrong pin code' (in Dutch 'verkeerde pincode').

Latest firmware and app version installed. Also performed a reset of the camera. All suggestions from the other topic don't work. I don't get it connected.

Any suggestions or better: a solution?