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Hi Just set up my new iPhone X and went out in the car going to a destination stored in My Places. - Nothing there!

Have had a look online but don't seem to be able to find anything...

Q. - How do I get My places off my old device (iPhone 7) onto my new device (iPhone x)?


  • Alster53
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    You can’t I’m afraid. Tomtom haven’t got round to fixing that bit yet!!!
  • Clint989
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    TomTom developers are apparently only allowed to change one line of code per month. The functionality you describe would require a few dozen lines. So, not good news I’m afraid.

    On the positive side, I hear they are currently in the planning phase for a one line change to make the total traffic delay (currently a clevery camouflaged red on dark grey background) into something legible to the human-eye. I’m hearing 2019 as a possible release date for this exciting development.
  • Ribero
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    You are right but 2019 is for the beta. The RTM will be available just a few quarters after that, as usual.

    on the positive side and to be fair with the dev team, the 1 line of code per month rule does not include comments and Appstore release note that are usually longest than the code itself :)
  • phaasno
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    Thanks Ribero and Clint. Your reply is perhaps meant to be sarcastic, but the sad thing is that it seems to be too true...

    I have given up on Tomtom. I now use other navigation apps (can't say which).
    All competing apps, even the one from Apple, which has seriously been lacking, are now way ahead of this sorry attempt by Tomtom.

    Sadly, it's not even only me, who has given up on the Tomtom Go app for iPhone. Tomtom themselves have given up trying.
    I can't begin to describe how sad it is that a no longer very new device like the iPhone X is still not completely supported. Tomtom must have forgotten that this app is one of the most expensive purchases anyone makes on apps for their smartphones.
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