TomTom Rider 2nd Edition/v2, blown, wrong charger, diy transplant or fix

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I have a TomTom rider 2nd edition, hadn't used for a year or so, forgot if i could charge via usb or only the charging port. Didn't respond to the usb charge and I couldn't find the wall charger... Had so many other charges, I found one with the required 5v 2amp output.

It needed a UK plg adaptor as had the US style plug on it but wacked it in and hmmm,
slight smell of circuit board. Sh*t, Im an idiot - 100v plug plugged into 240v mains, so no idea what it put out but the smell suggests I cooked something.

I've since tried various resets and also took it apart to see if I could see any obvious fried components, but could not.

So wondering if anyone here knows if if there may be a specific capacitor? or part that I could replace. I was also wondering if the guts of the TomTom Rider were the same as a MUCH cheaper car model like a TomTom One (looks the same size) and could potentially be transplanted into the TomTom Rider shell, or use part of the circuit board (seems to be 2 circuit boards, the smaller one being easy to detach)

Thanks for your time!

*I know I was an idiot please no lectures on my stupidity!


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    The tomtom Rider one and two have very similar circuit boards I am not sure as I have never overloaded the power but I would suspect the daughter board that is easy to remove is most probably blown. However even if you change this board and it powers up I am not sure your maps will work as they are keyed to the hardware and this change may disable the software. For the price of buying new software you may as well spend a bit more and get a newer device with lifetime maps. However if your not too far from Manchester I am quite happy help you to see if it will work. I have several older TT one and two devices a coupe of which were still working when I put them in the parts box
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    Hi EportMan
    i have a spare Tomtom One - standard car Tomtom i was going to transplant but just looked it up on youtube:

    Seems to only have 1 circuit board.

    My Rider 2nd Edition has the main board then the smaller detachable one with the charging and usb ports do you know what (cheep car) TomTom would have a similar circuit board?

    Heres some photos of the smaller board detached from my Tomtom Rider 2nd Edition. :

    side, top and bottom view.

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    The genuine Tomtom mains charger which came with my UK version Rider 2nd Edition is rated as follows - input 100v-240v nominal 0.3amp. The polarity of the jack pins is important - with + in the centre and - external. Connecting a mains charger to the mini usb will not charge the unit but it should not damage it either. Mains power for the 2nd edition is via the mini jack socket located to the left of the mini usb. BAD things will happen if whatever is connected to that jack has the wrong polarity or the voltage is significantly outside the nominal +5volt 2.0 amp range. (Anything designed to be connected to a motorbike charging system has to be able to withstand the quite often fairly wide voltage range a stator based system may deliver so as low as 10volts and as high as 16volts).

    Before throwing more effort at this fairly ancient (but still the BEST motorcycle unit tomtom has ever made), find the genuine charger or at least one which will deliver the voltage/amps detailed above. Plug it in and if it works then great, if not it is just not worth trying to fix it. So look for a used unit on ebay. Having tried all the latest crass "rider" offerings from Tomtom (I lead tours and have been loaned and tried pretty much every Garmin and tomtom unit I have not found anything to beat the rider 2nd edition in terms of a Motorbike rider focused GPS.

    Whoever designed the 2nd edition software was almost certainly a biker as they spent a lot of time making sure the defaults are just right and understood whiat bikers did and di not need. Sadly real motor-bikers cannot afford to spend extended time regularly scanning the screen just in case additional next turn information has popped up whenever the current programmer deems it appropriate.

    2nd Edition consistently gave the information we needed in the same location all the time allowing riders to rapidly scan the screen whenever a safe opportunity arose, knowing in advance what information would be located where. Hiding lane guidance until the last minute is NOT helpful for bikers Mr TT. Likewise riders often just ride with mates without any route being entered whilst the 2nd edition would automatically show the immediate road ahead the 4xx defaults to a picture of the whole of Europe which is not helpful either.

    Sadly the latest 4xx series is little more than a chronically expensive and badly repackaged car unit in a vaguely weather resistant housing. Great rides is sadly a marketing gimic. If you do need to replace the 2nd Edition then you will get better VFM just buying a car GPS with lifetime maps and cameras to stick in your tank bag. Just my 2p.
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