Reliability of the GO620??- Pre sales query

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Edit: after posting this question I've realised the bad reviews that worried me are for an older model VIA620:smiley:
That model has a terrible review rating -

I need a reliable device for an upcoming road trip starting in Los Angeles. I had one of the very early TomToms and it was fantastic. I want to be able to add places/routes etc before I leave Australia.

I welcome your opinions on the reliability of the later GO620, Australian model.
Thank you


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    I have tried many sat navs and I’m afraid in my honest opinion think the current crop of tom Tom models are vastly inferior to the earlier ones.Bugs are often ignored and much sought after features have been promised but never materialise.I do still own 2 Tom toms but don’t have any confidence in them.I often get reboots for no reason,usually at the most inconvenient times.I also have a Garmin 770 which has never once rebooted.I have been a tomtom supporter for years but I won’t be buying another.
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    Thank you Ovalball03, a reboot on a 6 lane interchange is just what I need.

    Are there any GO620 or 520 owners in this forum who are happy with their device?
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    Firstly I would advise that the way you use the newer TT units is very different from the much older units so depending on what you are used to you may need to get to know the new system if you get one. Secondly you should note that if you buy the the unit in Australia the Traffic facility will only work in Australasia and not in Europe or America for example. The reverse would happen if you bought it in Europe the traffic would not work in Australia. You may also only find the Australasia map on the unit and if you have any trouble downloading America or any other free map a call to Customer services will sort this account problem out

    The routing on my GO 5000 is usually pretty good, as is the Traffic, more so than the unit I have similar to the Garmin unit @Ovalball03 has. On the GO620 you can update the software and maps directly from Wifi without the need to use a computer being connected. With the aid of a computer you can add your own 3rd Party POI files and whilst you can display POI's on the map you cannot have your own .bmp files specifically for POI files. You can only display about 6 POI files on the maps with TT allocated icons. You can hover over an icon on the map and see what the POI is. You can create routes on a computer and then send or save and copy to the unit later. Lane Guidance works fine on my unit.

    You can add more memory by inserting a Micro SD card. Now if you want to use this card for export Routes you have created on the unit you will have to let the unit Format the card for Routes. In this case a small card will be more than adequate. You will need extra memory in order to add maps such as America if there is not sufficient available internal memory, if so you need the unit too format the card for Maps and a card up to 32GB is suitable. Unless something has changed that I don't know about if you want to add routes to the unit via a MicroSD card then you must have the Map on the internal memory that you want to add the routes to.

    I use the lead and charger that came with the unit and I have never had it reboot itself during a journey.

    Hope this helps. I would get another one if my unit failed.

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    Thank you DougLap for all that useful information, a big help. Pity about the no traffic in the US.

    I'm not travelling until early May so will buy now and hopefully will get things sorted on it before I leave.
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    Update: Have purchased the GO620, it's up and running, updated Oceania maps, downloaded the US maps (over 5GB) to internal memory but have not tried a switch from Oceania to US maps yet, got MYDRIVE working/sending routes to device from laptop phone and tablet, gone for a short drive - all working very well and extremely pleased with device at this early stage.
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    DougLaps experiences are inline with my finding
    I have the NAV5 (Wi-Fi) GO 520 and GO620, I use a Nokia 625 Windows 10 Phone and never have problems with Live Traffic or the Phone
    I have 7 assorted Tomtoms the GO 520 and GO620 are now my devices of choice
    Overall I'm very pleased with my NAV5 (Wi-Fi) GO 520 and GO620

    ATB and a Happy New Year... YFM
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    I have a go620 professional. It's my third tomtom. I examined the market before buying and concluded it is the best of an uninspiring lot. The wifi updates are great.