Storage Full even after factory reset

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Got this watch Golfer SE only 3 days ago. Went on and registered on TomTom and downloaded Tom Tom Golfer app from the Play Store, then I was prompted to download the new Tom Tom Sports app instead which supposedly supports Tom Tom Golfer. I then downloaded all proposed updates and all course updates. (Software is version 1.0.25) Now, since setting up my watch I am getting a Storage Full error and a buzzing every few minutes, which is driving me mad. I have reset / factory reset my watch now on numerous occasions but to no avail. I'm still getting the same error message and buzzing so I'm pretty fed up after buying this new watch. I've noticed that there are a good few similar postings regarding the same error but none have solved my problem. Any ideas??


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    Hi Micko2003,

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    This is usually caused by fragmentation of the memory. Installing global courses in the Setting of Sports Connect should fix this.

    If it doesn't resolve this then please get in touch with our customer support and they'll be able to help you further in this case.

    Cheers, lampard
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    • Hi Lampard, thanks very much for your reply but I have tried this solution. In the third step of your solution you say "Select the GOLF COURSES tab in MySports Connect and click GET NEW MAPS". I don't have that option when I open the Settings of Sports Connect. I attach a screenshot of what my settings tab reveals at the end of this reply and I don't have that option. I just have the ones that are highlighted "Factory Reset" and "Update Maps" The "Factory Reset" takes about an hour and still doesn't solve the problem and the "update maps" takes just as long and still doesn't resolve it. I will say that this morning the watch seemed to show the correct distances on my watch after eventually selecting my course, I kept getting the Storage Full error. I also noticed even after recording the score after each hole, my scorecard showed nothing recorded at the end. Probably because the storeage is full. Thanks again....
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    I have identical problem. Occurred after installing MySports (email from TomTom). I have done factory reset and reloaded maps twice, no change.
    Seems like it is a software problem with MySports
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    Really a pity I did not read this post before buying my TomTom watch. Brand new, but impossible to use, after 6 days of waiting, TomTom customer care tells me to perform a factory reset when I had already told that I had done it yet and it did not solve anything at all. After a week of waiting, I have not yet had any replies despite 2 reminders. So, not only do they not read carefully what one writes, but in addition they take an eternity to answer!
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    I have the same issue with the TomTom golfer watch I just bought. I thought I had a very good deal since it was much cheaper than the new version.
    After doing some conclusive tests, I decided to do a factory reset. Unfortunately, the latest version of TomTom Sports Connect does not seem to be compatible with this "old" watch. Indeed, my watch has received far too much data and it began to say "Strorage full" while I have not play a single round of golf!
    Of course, a new factory reset does not solve the problem.