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Annoying routing through minor roads

Vaclav FouneVaclav Foune Posts: 11 [Master Traveler]
Today I was going from Sudomerice to Tyn nad Vltavou in the Czech Republic and as a local I was shocked by the route suggested to me by TomTom Go Mobile. The app wanted to take me from a major road to a broken class 4 minor road through a small place called Jamnik. Overall, I am very satisfied with the app, but this issue should be addressed.,14.45377,11.97,0,-0+routes={"departure":true,"traffic":true,"routeType":"FASTEST","travelMode":"CAR","points":["hw~49.28934,14.53914~A~Sudoměřice u Bechyně Jihočeský, CZE","hw~49.22334,14.42119~A~Týn nad Vltavou Jihočeský, CZE"],"avoidCriteria":[]}+ver=3


  • RGM71RGM71 Posts: 379 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    @Vaclav Foune

    I assume the fastest route suggested by MyDrive is also the route you had in mind?
    Because on my device the app calculates exactly the same route as being the fastest, without driving through Jamnik.

    So I guess maybe you should check route settings in the app. I made the screenshot with settings "Always take fastest route" AND "Avoid unpaved roads".

    Edit: also without "Avoid unpaved roads" I get the same fastest route.

  • Vaclav FouneVaclav Foune Posts: 11 [Master Traveler]
    Hi, yes, I have the same settings and yes, I meant the green route which is supposed to be the fastest. The problem is the part of the road from Sudomerice to approximately Breznice which is very narrow and unsuitable for regular traffic, only locals who live in the area use it. The correct rout goes from Sudomerice to Hodetin and Breznice, from Breznice onwards to Tyn the green route is OK. To be fair, google maps also started to suggest this route, so the problem may be in the classification of the road by the Czech authorities.
  • RGM71RGM71 Posts: 379 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    I see. You mean the part in the red square in particular should be avoided (as it is shown as a minor road)?

    As you already noticed, I also saw the same route suggestion in Google Maps, which I also think is a good indication that the specific roadsegment has a wrong classification. This of course automatically leads to suboptimal route calculations, no matter which navigation system is used.

  • Vaclav FouneVaclav Foune Posts: 11 [Master Traveler]
    Yes, exactly this part of the route should be avoided. Thank you for your help!

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