MAPS- Same map transfer and install on a different device

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I have an old TOMTOM START that is no more working and without support. Some years ago I bought the USA/Canada map that is installed on my laptop. My daughter gave me a TOMTOM XL with Europe map installed and with 2 GB memory free. Using TomTom Home2 I tried to install the USA/CANADA map (1.70 GB)from PC to the device but the site says that it is not allowed because the map has a different configuration.
I can't imagine why I spent 50 euros for a map from Tom Tom and now that map is not usable on a device of the same TOMTOM !!!! The map is mine, regularly bought by Tom Tom and they don't allow to use in on one of their device.......
Thank you to someone that can tell me something.


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    Sorry but maps are locked to the device first registered with. You can't share them -- even with the same model devices.
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    thank you for the answer. You confirmed my idea: they sell maps at an high price and if you change device have to buy a new one!!! Perfect commercial politics!!! When I called by phone TomTom, a rude man told simply" We don't offer support for your device but I can offer a new device with some discount as fidelity gift". One thing is sure: I'll never buy a product by that firm.......