TT Blue Line Issue 20171223_114351 (41 second video)

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Hi anyone is actually employed by TT and has a bit of sense,

Explain this one, If you can?

Blue direction line is partly lost in areas, (It could be a zoom issue in the software).
I am a class 1 driver covering both Ireland & UK and this should not be happening to a so called PROFESSIONAL device.
In the video you will see what is happening in the Rep of Ireland and it has also happened in the UK but because I was driving at the time I was unable to capture any video footage for those affected areas.

Don't TT test there software before dishing it out to the public?

BTW I am also a Computer Engineer, Network Technician, Website Developer, Accounts Technician to name but a few and with experience. Meaning I am computer literate and have tried all possible scenarios before wasting my own time/energy posting here.

But hey I paid for this device so I WANT A SOLUTION.

The video: 20171223_114351 TT Blue Line Issue (41 second video)
Video Link:


See the video ending for the things already tried and yes I did a full reset via settings just now with same issue still present so I do not want to here that mentioned.

I am linked and synced to TT My Drive Connect on both android phone and windows PC.

I also am connected to the route planner.

Before anyone suggests a 7+GB download of maps and software etc again forget about it. I am on a data plan not to mention it was the same on the previous update.

So what is the story?
I need this sorted asap, also there are other issues just to name 1 lane guidance not giving lane advice on certain routes, but I'll leave these for another time.

Rant over happy xmas lol. :flag_ie::flag_eu::flag_gb:


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    The Lane guidance alg has finally been found as a bug by Tom Tom after much annoyance by users and is currently in fix mode.

    Blue line issue ive had a few time where it just goes off on a road I reroute and it comes back.

    Ill let a mod take over. That looks extremely reproducible and one for the fix me list.
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    Hi TOMTOM GO PRO 520

    Welcome to the community and sorry for my late reply..

    Thank you for the video link as it gives a better explanation of the issue. I see that you have already tried the troubleshooting steps which I could have suggested here on a public forum.

    I would recommend you contact our customer service to report the bug, they can then pass it on to our technical team for further investigation.

    Inconvenience caused is regretted.

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    This is a supposed TomTom forum to pass on issues and get things done.

    I will not run around like a dog chasing its own tail. Post to pillar.

    I have reported my findings here with very detailed information. If TomTom and so called Mods cannot be bothered to pass this information up the line and get things fixed then what is the point of YOU and this forum.

    My very first line from this topic starting post stated....

    "Hi anyone who is actually employed by TT and has a bit of sense,"

    So if you are not able to deal with it "WHY THE HECK ARE YOU HERE".

    PS... (A search option from within "My Places" only, should be available also).

    Now when I add a new location by selecting a point on the map and adding it to "My Places" from within my TT device, My Drive or its Web equivalent, I cannot select it from the map on my device.

    (I have tried adding from all options available and get the same result).

    I can select them from both the My Drive app and Web Client but not my device?

    (I have also reset the device) Logged in re-synced, added WiFi, Bluetooth etc. Arrrrrhhhh

    Updates since my 1st post have done nothing but make my experience with this product worse.

    Can you tell that I am piss*d yet.
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    Hi @TOMTOM GO PRO 520 @D-Stream

    Please see my post here.

    Vikram :)
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    @VikramK.....has ALG been fixed and if not why not!!!