Compatability- TOMTOM HOME and MyDrive Connect- Same computer

Christopher Robin
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I have a TomTom Via so I use on my PC MyDrive Connect for the life time free map updates, however my wife has recently purchased an 11 plate Megane with in dash tomtom to update this SD card it wants us to install TomTomHome.
The Question is: can I install TomTomHome onto a PC already running MyDriveConnect, and is the conection to T/T Home which would be a paid for service upset the tomtom Free map service I now have for the Via.
Thanks in advance.


  • Niall
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    @Christopher Robin

    TomTom Home and My Drive Connect can co-exist on the same computer, there will be no confusion of accounts as services are linked by the devices serial number.
  • Christopher Robin
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    Excellent thank you for your help will get with installation looks like the car one has never been done or if it has I am guessing it will only be the first 12 month on free subscription. Hopefully it will be as easy as updating the via.
  • Niall
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    @Christopher Robin

    Glad that was helpful
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    Is there any chance you could go back to TomTom home? MyDrive connect is so flaky, I have used two different devices on two different computers and mydrive only seems to work about 5% of the time. I have tried all the various suggestions and nothing seems to work. I am going to be very careful about buying my next satnav. As I said, I have tried everything out there so I am giving up with TomTom until there is a better interface with the computer.
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    How strange I hardly ever have problems with MyDrive Connect....
    I own 8 various Tomtom devices, all update Easily & Quickly

    I always update my devices one Update at a time
    The NavCore Application and QuickFixGPS updates are force ticked by Tomtom... De-select any other updates like Maps, Speed Cams etc... Update the mandatory item/s first, when complete update the remaining items one at a time
    This will help to prevent a Log-Jam effect on the Tomtom Servers if something go wrong with one of the updates... The Server only has to wait for one update file to Time-Out

    Installing the Full Europe map v1030 update....
    (1)... I'm using a Win10 PC hardwired to Modem Virgin Media 110 Mb/s
    (2)... PC Connects to the Home Wi-Fi at 40 Mb/s
    (3)... The GO 6200 direct Wi-Fi connection to the Modem is 72MB/s

    I updated the Full Europe map v1030size 9GB +
    Oviously for me, updating the GO 6200 over USB with MyDrive connect running in the background is the Faster option....
    NAV5 (Wi-Fi) Devices update on the fly i.e... No Download/Upload/Install

    I'm happy with an 9GB+ Map update in 23Mins 24secs (Stopwatch)

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    I tried to update my start 20 and I delete my maps. ?? Please help

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