Watch will not upload activities to computer

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when I connect my watch to my computer it charges but the activities do not upload. I've had this for almost a year and it just recently started to happen.


  • Stuart McDonald
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    Hi, Does the Sports Connect application window open on your PC when you connect the watch? I assume Sports Connect is running i.e. there is a little watch icon in the system tray? If not then you need to run Sports Connect.

    If it is running then I assume this is a Windows PC? If so then windows has stopped detecting the watch for some reason.

    Run the program
    C:\Program Files (x86)\TomTom\MySportsConnect\bin\RegistryDeviceCleanup.exe

    that removes all knowledge of TomTom devices and so next time you connect the watch Windows will pop-up a message in the system tray saying "installing device drivers" (or similar). Clicking on the pop-up (or the new icon in the system tray if the pop-up as gone) will show a window of the status of the install. It should show something like the attached once it has finished.


    If the drivers are not re-install i.e. windows does not detect the watch, or if Sports Connect does not open after the re-install then you will need to contact support so they can more deeply investigate.