TomTom GO Mobile App

Nobby Clark
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I had real problems with this app when I first installed it including

. Being very slow (lagging behind actual position) when following a route.

. Taking Ages to re-calculate a route when not following the original route suggested by Tom Tom.

. Not actually following a road but yards to the side.

I tried many things but non succeed.

Then desperate, I tried to 'force stop' the app in the settings on my phone and (seemingly) success.

All the information in the app is kept, you are just giving the app a mini re-start next time you go into the app.

On your phone, go into settings / apps / Go / force stop.

Press forced stop, nothing will happen to the app, but next time you launch it. You should find the issue has been sorted.

Not ideal, but at least it allows you to use what is, apart from this small issue, a very good app.