TomTom Runner 2 loosing sleep data during sync via iphone

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I have been using my tomtom runner 2 for a few weeks now and syncing via the iphone app. I have found that my sleep data is not being consistently synced. The watch shows my nights sleep, I sync and it completes ok but then the sleep has disappeared. Its not shown in the my sports pages in the app, the website or on the watch. Some mornings it works other mornings I have this issue.

Anyone else having similar issues?



  • saabov
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    Having same issue with Runner 3 and iPhone, but to skip loosing sleep tracking for that day dont sync with phone before you have some tracked movement (few steps), after that syncing sleep is recorded in the app and remain in the watch. I have this issue on 1.7.62 and 1.7.53 version.