How to reverse my route on a 5200

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As title! I have recently bought the 5200 and have happily planned a route with stop off points - but in spite of down loading the manual and Googling I don't see how to reverse the route for this model?

Help please.


  • YamFazMan
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    Reverse route is not available on the GO 5200

    Reverse route... MyDrive Web Route planner
    Load route
    Click on the pencil Icon for Route Edit Mode
    (1)... Place the hand cursor on the route when a white dot appears... LEFT Click the mouse
    (2)... Left Click on the 3Dot icon for the Quick menu to open
    Click on Reverse Route option
    2eb9a19d-24e9-459d-a157-76d86016f08b.jpgATB YFM
  • LG127
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    Does not seem to work on the latest Beta version of MyDrive (Apr 2019).
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    Hi @LG127

    Does for me. When you open a route and it is visible then alongside the 1st Entry, in the above example Unknown road, Breukelen , there are 2 opposing arrow heads . Click on those and it reverses the Route.