Trucker 6000 stopped working

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Ive had my tomtom trucker 6000 for 6months now and it seems to of stopped working the last 2 days. I use it daily for my work, but 2 days ago it seemed the battery ran out of charge even though it was pluged in and on the docking port(as i normally do daily). I checked the cab plug in point by trying to see if it would charge 2 mobile phones as normal, both showed they were charging as normal, so i know its not my truck charging port. The tomtom started to turn it self off and on over a short period, saying it was low or near empty battery power. So i turned it off thinking i would take it home and charge it on a wall socket that night. I did this and it charged up to full by the morning, so i took it to work again as normal and used it in the docking port as normal. After 8hours or so the device started to say it was running low and nearly empty of power again, and soon after it switched itself off completely. Since then i have not been able to turn the device back on at all, even after a few hours charge at home on a wall socket. Also notice that normally the device will switch on automatically when plugged into a power source, but its not doing this either.
Im thinking that surely after only 6 months of use this is not normal, and that i should be able to get the device repaired or a new 1 sent, has anyone else had an issue like this?. What should i now do?. ive sent an email to tomtom and hoping to get a reply soon. Well very soon as i use the device daily for my work.



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    Plug it into a mains charger overnight. Also, do a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds.

    And, in the vehicle, make sure you are using the provided cable AND the car charger, NOT a usb port in the vehicle. If using a split port in the vehicle, make sure the power to the TomTom is at least 2.1A.
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    Tomtom support is now helping me to find were the issue is. I never had any problems with the device etc for the 6months that i have been using it till now. I always use the lead provided and charger + the correct plug in point(never a USB port). and always in trucks so has always been 2.1a charge port. I do how ever unpack and repack the device + leads every day as im still agency driver and each week driving different vehicles. I personally think its just not held up with such constant use. I left the device for 24hr as it was so empty on the battery it wouldnt even try to turn on, after 24hr i managed to turn it on for 3secs before it turned off again. So i use a samsung charge lead on a wall socket to recharge the battery and left over night, which has got it back to full charge again. I will be using it again tomorrow but without the docking port as i think thats were the issue is.
    But now i have connected the device to mydrive for updating, ive had it connected for over 7hrs and its still not finished updating, it also now says i need to download a new map again, but its still trying to download another update for hours now. i just dont know why its taking so long. at 1st it said 1hr 10mins left, now 2 hrs later it still says 1hr to go. I think the server on the download side is very slow.

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    Hi, did you ever get to the bottom of this problem, I’ve had my Trucker 6000 for about 3 years and now experiencing similar problems