No traffic jam info in NL on TomTom Carminat live (Megane Bose)

w0o0dy Registered Users Posts: 1
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Recently my traffic information has stopped working. I get closed roads and (possible) speed camera's.. but no traffic jams. I can use Live services (weather, TomTom places etc..) but no live traffic information.

I tried updating through TomTom Home and got the recent QuickFix and new Speed camera info but that dind't solve the problem.

I checked the Live services account information and i still have one year subscription.

Curious to know what is wrong and how to fix this.


  • rovinl
    rovinl Registered Users Posts: 1
    Since last Tuesday (12-12-2017), I have (all of a sudden) exactly the same problem. My live services subscription was renewed in September this year and is still valid till 19-09-2018. Until Monday it worked fine and without any problem. And the strange thing is, that only the traffic info is not working anymore.

    I have already reset the installation back to its factory settings (without clearing any personal data) but unfortunately without any success.

    I have already created a support ticket, but did not receive any answer and/or solution until now. I'm also very curious what causes the problem, but most of all how to fix it.

    It is very annyoing to end up in a traffic jam that could have been avoided if the traffic info would work as it is supposed to