How to import to Rlink2 from files with several hundreds of POi from tomtom Carminat?

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I previous have a megane from 2014 with TOMTOM Carminat in 3 years I had colect a lot of POI on it, I have them on file, now I have a Megane with Rlink2 and can anyone tell me how i can import them to the new Rlink2?
Thank you very much.


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    The simple answer is that you can't do it - the R-Link is proprietary software and firmware which you can't read on a PC normally, so you can't add anything to it.

    The complicated answer is you can if you have any software which can penetrate the R-Link and you know how to do it carefully. Google for R-Link Explorer - it's a French program - how's your language skills?