Updated SD card as requested and no mp view-Renault Megane

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I took the card out of my car and did the updates that an email said I should do, not bought a new map or anything. Put card back in the car (Renault Megane built in setup). In the just driving mode I did get the map for a short time then it disappeared, if I navigate to anywhere all it shows is a line drawing of a junction and still gives all the directions but no map, not oven the car or arrow symbol.

I can search maps, view maps and do all the map things, the maps come up fine with all the detail but as soon as I go to the normal driving mode, just a black screen, it tells me what road I am on by name but no map display. I had to reset the time and always have problems finding the time reset so may have clicked something while doing that but I can't think what will stop the map displaying in the normal mode.

One thing I have noticed that I never saw before is when putting in a postcode it gives me the option of UK or Ireland maps and quite often it is set to the Ireland one.

I don't have an instruction manual for this with the car as I bought it used from Arnold Clarke and I was lucky it came with wheels let alone instruction manuals

Is there some way to just reset it to factory defaults to undo any potential problems I have caused? At least if I do this I will know if it is me or a problem with system


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    Took a long while but eventually found the reset to factory settings and all is back to normal except I have to go do all the updates again, hopefully it will not be a loop and go wrong again