'Please Wait' in Gym, Freestyle and Run

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I have not been able to use gym, freestyle and run on my TomTom Spark 3 because i just get 'please wait'. In freestyle and run, I get an icon in the top left hand corner. Very frustrating because gym was one of the activities I really wanted it for. Any help or advice would be great - thank you.


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    It sounds like it is waiting for an HR lock. Do you have a Cardio version (look for LEDs in the back or Cardio at the top of the About screen under Settings)? Is it set for internal HR, not an external strap (go to Settings>Sensors>Heart and make sure it is set for On). If it is not a Cardio model, are you using an external HR strap? If not, you need to make sure it is not looking for one (settings>Sensors>Heart>External).

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