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Hi everyone

I am very disappointed with my Tom Tom Runner 3 with music cardio watch. I am onto my second watch in only 2 months.
The tracker is giving me faulty readings on both watches. I sent my first one in and they said to me there is a software problem with the watch. They still haven't given me a new watch or a refund that I demand as there is a one year guarantee on the watch. They said they are awaiting parts. It is now 2 weeks and I still haven't received a new watch from them. I would expect an immediate refund or new device.

Since I have been waiting so long and there are so many good write ups on Tom Tom I bought another one that gives the same problem. I only purchased this watch two days ago. It seems there is a problem with the tracker device on these watches. The first night it monitored my sleep correctly, the second night it showed zero hours of sleep after a good nights rest and a couple of hours after this of showing zero hours, it displays a massive 57 hours and 40 minutes with no sleep. I haven't even had this watch for 57 hours. I believe the distance in the tracker also over reads. I am going to demand a refund.
Has anyone else ever experienced the same or similar problems with their watch?


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    Sorry for my late reply here.

    I had a quick look at the contact history on your account. Unfortunately, I am not able to find the incident number for your contact.

    If you can click on this link to sent me the incident number through a private message then I can have a look for further assistance.