rider 400 wont charge on bike or car cradle

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Hi my rider 410 has stopped charging on the bike mount or car cradle. I purchased the premium pack with both in it. it wont charge when plugged into the PC either. The minute i take it off power it shuts down and says battery flat. i have reset it without success. Any ideas would be appreciated please.


  • Forgot to add it is the 410 premium Great Rides addition. Thanks.
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    Try putting a test meter across the terminal of the unit to see if you get a resistence reading. If not have a look at the internal fuse. If blown, bridge it with a piece of flattened copper wire soldered in place. Then place a 2amp inline fuse on the postive side of the power supply lead.
  • If i plug directly into the back of the unit I get the same result. the unit will run on external power but will not charge or run on its own battery. it will run on bike mount, car mount or lead plugged directly into back of unit but it will not charge the battery.
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    Sorry I misread your comment.
    Try doing soft reset. Hold power button down to get a drum roll sound or failing that a full factory reset, but backup all your data and routes first as you will loose all of your personal settings. These will have to be set again. If that does not work.
    contacting customer support as it would seems as if the battery is dead.
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