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I have just set up a new laptop and plugged in the USB drive with all my tom tom videos but the bandit studio software does not detect the files even after selecting the folder location in settings/storage. There are a plethora of applications and devices out there who's software automatically detects their own files as soon as there plugged in. Is TomTom that far behind the industry... i mean if we where back in the 80's before consumer hardware was being truly integrated with software i could understand but this bandit studio is severely lacking, and i see there hasn't been any updates since 2016!!! That means this product has been in BETA for well over 12 months!!!! I guess TomTom are not a company that is going to be around for much longer as all the other competition, Sony, Go Pro, Canon, Olympus, Garmin, Even Yi and SJCam....Go Pro knock offs can produce supporting software with this BASIC functionality!!!

So my question, are you going to stop being lazy with your development and give us some decent supporting software, or are you going to be left in the dust and close your doors???!!!

I would like to add that the design and robustness of your camera is superb, and i do prefer it over even Go Pro. but without the software to support it i may as well use a raspberry pi camera.


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    I totally agree with you that the Bandit software is not exactly top notch, so...

    Have a look at Wondershare Filmora. Great, easy-to-use editing software at a bargain cost in my humble opinion.
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    I totally agree with this. The Bandit is really awesome and I think still one of the best action cams at this moment. It still stays strong in the 2017 top 10 action cams. But.... Tomtom please bring a new deskstop version on the market and update the Bandit again. It not only helps the existing consumers but only your new consumers. We hope to hear from you TomTom....