go app on my HTC10 crashing

dehawkdehawk Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
I have been using the go app on my HTC10 for over 2 years; every thing worked perfectly until I renewed my subscription on 21st November 2017 for another year also updated the software to latest version. But since then it takes over a minuet before it loads some times it just crashes and I have start again. This as only happened since this new version update. Can I revert to previous soft ware version? I completed crash reports regarding this fault. I feel that as it stands it not worth keeping it on my phone. I have tried other satnav apps they all work and load without any issues? I have also reinstalled app soft ware many times still the same fault. I have also reset my phone back to factory settings twice still the same fault starts to load then stops at about 30%.
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