LIVE services on Renault Megane 2014

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i have a Renault Megane 2014 with R-link and TomTom.... my question is : TomTom Live Services is about to EXPIRE at the end of this year, How do i extend it?????


  • Niall
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    Enter the first two characters of the serial number of your R-link here:-
    This will confirm the compatibility of the service with your R-link, if it is, add to 'kart' :)
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    That link seems to be only for Renault Carminat - my R-Link serial number comes back as not compatible.

    The usual method for buying services is through the Renault website, R-Link Store.

    And you need to have a registered account for R-Link Toolbox.
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    Hi was anybody successful in downloading "Live"? I have a 2015 Renault Megane and my subscription just expired in February 2018 and I cannot locate how to re-subscribe.
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    See my previous reply. You need to register with R-Link Store at the link I gave.