Bye bye Tomtom, no android auto support means no more users



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    I wonder if they will support mirrorlink as another app on playstore that uses tomtom maps, traffic and speedcameras now supports mirrorlink, still no news on AA though
  • Dusha
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    No need to say goodbye....
    Get your android rooted, and with AAmirror you will get ALL your apps 'compatible'.

    Mirrorlink us a deadend due to small number of smartphones supporting it (mainly Sony and Samsung only)
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    This is hit and miss getting this to work.

    Then you have to root your phone and void the warranty.

    No thanks........

    Try reading all the comments on this forum about AAMirror

    Not worth the time to make it work if it works at all.

    For the die hard user's maybe yes if they know what they are doing.
  • Dusha
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    Asprin wrote: »
    For the die hard user's maybe yes if they know what they are doing.

    Well, if user is able to pass 'root my android' test, and does not bother of a warranty or know how to restore device to the factory state, the rest is 5 min simple exercise. 2 apps to download, and follow few simple steps to configure them.
    For 90% of users it's it. Another 10% is specific cases which may require a bit more reading on XDA.

    I have just followed the one of the many video tutorials, and up and running with full android screen mirror on my Sharan factory installed unit.

    Don't wait for Google to allow competition in the navi area of its AA ecosystem.
    So the choice is simple - wait for a miracle and apparently never get it, or take the alternative path, completely doable for a proficient android user.

    P. S. And yes, standard disclaimer - you will be doing it on your own risk :)

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    Any news on Android​ ​Auto being enabled
  • MvIperen
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    Finally TomTom will be supported! Will take a few months....
  • DaBenshi
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    Hi TomTom Team,

    any news when your app will be compatible with the Android for Cars App Library and ready to use with Android Auto? ;)

    Kind regards
  • lampard
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    Hi @DaBenshi

    Welcome to the Community! Android Auto is already in Beta with AmiGO and GO Navigation app, you can check all about it in the links.

    Best, lampard

    (I'm closing this topic. If you've any questions related to Android Auto, please create a new topic/ participate in existing threads)
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