Is Rider 42 any good and what are offline routes?

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Looking for a reliable motorcycle satnav with good routing so if I say no motorway it does that and options for the curves, hills, fun bits etc plus traffic alerts and speed camera locations. Good speaker, as I don't always use a bluetooth equipped helmet, and battery life and bluetooth for hooking into smartphone for traffic alerts and if it allows me to answer/end calls that's a bonus. Only really need maps for UK so no benefit in Europe/World etc

Rider 42 seems to cover that, don't need music feeds and other features found on Rider 450, and there seem to be a lot of reports of problems with the 400 series units? Voice levels, poor audio clarity when hooked to a phone, units getting moisture inside and screen going haywire if it gets rained on?

So is the Rider 42 a good reliable motorcycle satnav and what are offline routes as looking at feature comparisons the Rider 4x doesn't seem to support them but the 4xx do? I did have a look at the manual online that covers all the current models and can't find any reference? I do use a basic Garmin bike satnav on my mountain bike that allows me to plan routes on the PC and upload them so if the Rider 42 doesn't allow that then that may be a deal breaker

Thanks for any help and feedback

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