Data not uploading to website and goals not working

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I am having a couple of issues with my TomTom Spark.
Firstly, and most annoyingly, my TomTom connects to the sports app on my phone and uploads activities without a problem but there is not data what so ever when I log into the website to look at my info in more details. I have it set up to send the data to Strava as well which it is not doing, I assume this is the same issue causing it not to upload to the TomTom website.
The second issue is that the watch is not registering when I reach my goal. I have correctly set the goal on the watch (tracker, goals, step, press right button to set it) but the watch does not register when I have reached this goal. I am sure the goal is set correctly as when I look at the app it tells me that I have reached my goal.