TomTom Touch start-up issues

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Dear Guys,
I've just started up my new TomTom Touch Cardio and I found some small issues, for this reason I would like to sharing them with you and wishing that someone shall help me.
1st: sometime during my normal arm movements and without reasons my band starts to show the hours.
2nd: no chance to load on new TomTom Sports app (via web or on IOS) two watch devices: my Runner1 and the new Touch Cardio.


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    It is meant to show the time when you move you arm as it responds to gestures so you don't have to touch it to take it off standby mode. You can turn gesture recognition off in the app under Settings. There is no way to sync two devices to the app at once, you would need to install and uninstall them each time unfortunately. Your best option is to sync one through the computer and one through the app.

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