Runner Cardio + Music with Apple airpods

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Can I connect my AirPods apple to this watch?

And can I control the volume and track? Is this already implemented in the new software?



  • tfarabaugh
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    They should theoretically pair with the device as they are Bluetooth, but it will depend on how Apple has modified and customized the BT in the device. They may have made it incompatible with the version TT uses. The only way to tell is to try it, TT has not tested them to my knowledge. There are music controls on the watch but only for moving back and forth between tracks, not for volume and even that functionality will be limited by how Apple implemented BT.

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  • Rickho
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    I have a TT adventure and an airpods... they can perfectly connect In normal circumstances, the watch can play music thru the airpods(while no volume control ). BUT,the fatal thing is that when I start to run, turn on GPS on the watch, the music stopped like something conflict. I think there maybe some conflict problem between the GPS and the bluetooth on airpods. This problem has been dogging me for weeks. Hope you can solve it. Thanks!
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    @Rickho did you solve the problem? I have exactly the same problem. Just bought Airpods and now I can't use them while running.
  • Rickho
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    Nope. There always be a problem...I have to buy another headset.