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Carminat Renault Megane- How to update on a computer

nanna65nanna65 Posts: 5
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I have an SD card for my Tomtom Carminat. When I put it into the card reader on my PC, Mydrive connect keeps saying that there is no device connected.
I have uninstalled both Tomtom Home and Mydrive Connect and reinstalled the latest downloads for both, but it is still saying the same, that my device is not connected.
Can anyone help please?


  • Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. I followed the instructions, but unfortunately, it didn't work.

    Tomtom Home is recognising the SD card and is saying my device is up to date, but MyDrive Connect is saying I have 5 updates but keeps saying my device is not connected.

    Its very frustrating.
  • [Gelöschter Benutzer][Gelöschter Benutzer] Posts: 5,321 [Supreme Navigator]
    Forget MyDrive Connect, Home is required.
  • That's confused me even more because Home is recognising my SD card but telling me my device is up to date.
    I received an email in September (I didn't notice until a couple of days ago!) telling me to download my update of Western Europe, but that update along with 4 other updates, are only showing in MyDrive Connect.
  • Right, that makes sense to me now, I only need Tomtom Home, but what doesn't make sense is why does Tomtom Home not show the update of the map of Western Europe, because the email I received clearly states my device as Carminat Tom Tom Live?
    Once again, thanks for taking the time to reply.
  • dhndhn Posts: 33,345
    Well then, try support:
    United Kingdom
    02079 490 134
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Thanks, think that may be the only option. Thanks for your help everyone.
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