Recording and displaying moving time on TT Adventurer

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Tomtom adventurer records active time on a hike which is total duration of the hike including stops and brakes. Is it possible to obtain also the moving time without including stops? That is to know how long you have been moving like on Garmin devices


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    You have it backwards, the active time is what you would consider moving time, which is the total time (which is also displayed) less any stops detected by the watch. It is not perfect as there is a threshold to determine when you are stopped or not and if you are hiking up a steep slope with little lateral movement it may detect you as stopped, but generally it is pretty good. For each activity you will see the active time and the total time on MySports.

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    Thanks ever so much for your reply, but in the case I am referring to we had about 2 hours waiting / stopping time and the active time showed the full duration of the walk. so I don't think this is correct. I did contact TT support in that respect.
    I also use Garmin for my mountain bike and in the summary I have data on the full ride and the actual moving time separately. This is a problem if you prepare an itinery for a group and do not have accurate data. Also if you stop your watch TT when you have a break , you loose access to your previous recording, you have to start a new recording for the next leg. , and more over if you need the compass for orientation, same story you need to get out of your recording and start again. This watch is disappointing. Nothing to do with you of course, but as a walker I need a better tool. thks again