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recording routes on the VIA 135

i am a driving instructor and want to record some routes on my via 135 is this possible


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 14,971 Superusers
    The NAV3 Via 135 cannot record a route
    Other than A to B route planning... You can only create a very basic Itinerary consisting of a Startpoint, 3 Waypoints/Stops and an Endpoint, but, it cannot store a route, the route is lost on power off
    Via 135 User manual....

    The later/latest NAV4/5 devices will Record a route and store routes in MyRoutes
    For the NAV4/5 There is the Mydrive Web Route planner....
    All of the NAV4 Models and the NAV5 Via and GO Models have a far superior Search Engine
    The latest NAV5 'Start Models' have a less flexible Search Engine

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