Pairing Cadence "Bike Sensor" when in a spinning studio with multiple bikes

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Is there a way for the Runner 3 to distinguish which sensor to pair with when you're in a spinning studio with multiple bikes all sending out sensor info?

From the documentation I've seen it makes it sound like it will merely pair with 'the nearest sensor' as there's no way to select (or not be able to pair at all due to inference).

Any advice?

Is it possible to pair the bike to my phone / app so that it can combine data from my watch's HR and the bike?
(This wouldn't be ideal, but at least useful if possible)


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    There is no way to select a sensor as it takes the first one it sees, since most people only have one sensor within proximity. Even if it could, it may not take it anyway as the watch will only connect to ANT+ dual speed and cadence sensors, which is not normally the sensor built into a bike.

    You can certainly pair it with you phone (again assuming the bike is using a protocol that is compatible with your phone, likely BT+ only) and merge the two files later on (there are plenty of sites that will do this, fitfiletools, tcxtools, etc.), but there will be no way to get the data into MySports as it only accepts data collected by TT watches. If you use Strava or another platform that allows manual importing you can simply import the merged file into that.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.