Uploading to other fitness tracking sites

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I can't get my GPS watch to upload data to sites like mapmyrun or runkeeper. I've selected them in TomTom sports website -- it gives the option of selecting those sites and uploading to them. I do that and it shows the status as "Currently Exporting to" and it shows as connected. The only option is to "pause". At the mapmyrun site it doesn't seem to be getting anything at all. At runkeeper it shows that there is a connection to my TomTom watch, but it never gets any data from runs. At runkeeper it indicates to start the upload from the TomTom site, but that doesn't seem to be working.


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    I think the Sports app uploads only loads new information after the link has been established. I have data on my Sports app that has not filtered over to Strava. The blurb on Strava says that only new data is uploaded. For what it's worth.