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iOS Connectivity with TomTom VIO

PajrPajr Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
edited January 2019 in TomTom VIO
Have persevered with the tom tom VIO but on every journey I have used it the connection drops between the vio and iPhone, it is so unreliable that I regret buying it now, there appears to be no resolution to this issue, no updates to the app, which I am sure is the root of the issue, I close the app and then restart it and all is good for a while then drops again. Is there any future updates for this or have Tom Tom given up on it


  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,388 Moderator
    Hi Pajr,

    Welcome to the Community!

    This is a known issue unfortunately and we're working hard to find a fix as soon as possible. Some of the other users have been able to work around it by turning their phone to flight mode but leaving Bluetooth®️ enabled.

    Could you also state your iOS version and iPhone model, please so that I can add them to the ticket?

    Cheers, lampard
  • PajrPajr Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank you for the reply and in answer to your questions, iOS 11 on iPhone 6S

  • LakeGeneva48LakeGeneva48 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Is there any update to the lost connection issue?
  • MLehelMLehel Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]

    I have the same issue with my iPhone 7 and TomTom VIO, but only when the application is in the background. If I leave it in the foreground, it eats up my battery of course, but the connection stays stable.

    Do you have any update on this issue? New workarounds? Planned software update?
  • adylukadyluk Posts: 21 [Legendary Explorer]

    I have the iphone and also experienced some issues. If the gps does not have an active route, the ios will kill the app and the gps unit will only show a phone with a question mark. With an active route the app will stay on. Also i think that is ok to leave the app on foreground and just close the screen using power button.
    From time to time the ios will kill the app regardless of the activity of the app.

    On android the implementation is much better, has lots of options and one great feature is that with the phone on standby if you start the vio the app will automatically launch in the background, this way even if the phone will kill the app you would still be able to restart it.
  • mariofazzimariofazzi Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have the same problem! I hope in fix for that!
  • TinotoulouseTinotoulouse Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Similar issue (lost connection and a phone with a question mark) with my iPhone 6 and IOS 11.4. Unnaceptable!!! We have paid for a Product that doesn’t work ...
  • MuratIsikMuratIsik Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have a 7 plus and my solution to this problem is to change the screen saver mode from "1 minute" to "NEVER"... This way the phone -and the VIO app- is always on; the connection does not die... I am lucky to have a usb charger on my bike so the battery is also not a problem...

    Tomtom needs to find a better solution to this nerve braking problem. Like an update that makes the app connected while on the background or making it stay on the screen for the duration of the ride for example...
  • Raul_VilchezRaul_Vilchez Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    Please read all the comments in this forum an also all your negative reviews in the AppStore and you will see that your product have serious problems, a product that you still sell and many users still use daily. The Tomtom VIO needs urgent Firmware updates and also App updates to correct all the disconnections problems that are suffering all iPhone devices. We don't want more workarounds we want real solutions, please demonstrate that you still care for your users and the products you sell...
  • InnocentiInnocenti Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    Has the problem with Iphone connection to Vio been solved yet?
    I'm thinking of buying a Vio but I want to know if the software is fixed.
    I have an Iphone X.
  • Peeper56Peeper56 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    My vio has started dropping the Bluetooth
    What’s going on?!
  • lzmontilzmonti Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    My Vio too has started to drop connection with iPhone - IOS 12.4. I use it since 2 years ago without any problem. What's happening? How can I fix it?
  • MaxSaxMaxSax Posts: 4 [Neophyte Traveler]
    No response for three years!
    Is there any future updates for this or have Tom Tom given up on it.....
    thank you
  • LinrayLinray Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    Tom Tom obviously don’t care. Only about getting your money. This product should be taken off the market not fit for purpose. Just use google maps
  • Robert_Bagley2309Robert_Bagley2309 Posts: 0 [New Seeker]
    Losing connection every time on iPhone 8 running iOS 12.4.1

    Any fixes. I know this a known problem. I'm on my Vespa and now I'm stop start looking at Google maps. V frustrating.

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