Workouts not syncing to the app

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I've had my TomTom Spark 3 Music + Cardio for 10 months now & I love it. However, when I do a workout it won't upload to the app anymore. It works if i manually plug it into my computer, but this is a nuisance if I am away from home. I've tried resetting the watch and app etc, but it still isn't uploading my activities (I have just tried again).
Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    HI katiebabesxoxo,

    Welcome to the Community & Sorry about my late reply!

    I can see that you already contacted the customer support and they already pushed the software version 1.7.60 for the Spark 3 watch. If you get any more issues with it, please reply back to the email sent by support and they'll be able to help you further!

    Cheers, lampard