Garmin Virb VS Bandit

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I have both.. Is there a way to make a video like the vird with gps data overlay to see map trail and to see speed and all that?


  • M'biker
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    Check out the Bandit Studio video editing software - it has some nice graphical overlays.

    You can also use your VIRB Edit software to apply the VIRB's graphical overlays to TomTom video - using the Bandit's GPX file (first extracted in Bandit Studio).

    A note to other readers of this post: If you get bored with the overlay options offered in Studio, have a look at VIRB Edit. Garmin very kindly allow you to import the GPX file from other cameras.
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    Ahh thank you... recorded som more yesterday and got a better result from the first test. First test I had it sitting on my balcony.. IE no movement and stationare... It didn't like that ;) and if I read correct I need to highlight a whole clip to be able to get it in the video... so looking forward to some more shooting... my aim is to have the bandit on my motorcycle and my Virb XE on my helmet.... and a Samsung gear 360 on the topbox ;)
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    I tried to import videos shot with my TomTom Bandit into Virb Edit, but I get the error "There was an error playing the video."
    Also when I try to import the GPX file I get an error.

    Is there something I do wrong? Or do you know of some other overlay software (other than Dashware, that is only for Windows unfortunately)?