Viewing Routes on Spark or Spark 3

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I want to buy the Spark/Spark 3 + Music but want one where I can view my route on my watch while I'm in the middle of running and see the route I've taken so far. Do both have that option? If not, which one does or maybe neither do?

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  • luca69x
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    All tomtom watches have this feature
  • EVA_27
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    That's not true - the Spark has no routing function. The Spark 3 has something of the kind, but not the Spark.
  • luca69x
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    All new generation ones, spark 3 has this feature.
  • tfarabaugh
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    The Spark 3, Runner 3 and Adventurer have this feature, but be aware all it is is a breadcrumb line, there is no map overlay or way points or anything besides a line and an arrow on the screen telling you what direction to go. It will also not return you to the start or allow you to change the route mid-activity. It is good as a general guide but does not substitute for a map.

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