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Hello, I could read about the same problém I have got,ie. Car mount giving no power to my rider 400.Recharging from bike mount ok and from CL Car socket connected directly into the usb of the Rider unit also ok, green light on CL socket plug. If connected through car mount, no green light.So seems the Car mount is broken.I dismantled the Car mount and found the wires extremely thin and their insulation burn after most probably a short circuit. Car mount bought from are sending a new one but fear it wont work either.I have photos but dont know how to insert them.Can I get also the Car mount from non-defective production series?


  • Martin PesekMartin Pesek Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Adding the photos of my disassembled car mount (I dropped the initial note from my mobile where I had no image posting option showed).
    Perhaps there may be some inscription on the car mount by help of which I would recognize its already the trouble-free (not short circuiting) product. I understand this as an assembly quality problem (perhaps lack of proper insulation of conducting wires), the car mount itself is not cheap either. What a shock seeing smoke coming from the back of the Rider400 unit in full traffic...41eb5d90-5165-4275-b387-32223a3534bb.jpg
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    Are you using the proper power adaptor? I don't have the car mount so I cant be certain but to me that looks like you have wired the car mount direct to a 12v supply, not via a step down to 5v power adaptor.

    The motorcycle mount has a power reduction circuit built in, so you can wire it direct to 12v, I dont think the car one does
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  • Martin PesekMartin Pesek Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hello Exportman, thanks for input, of course, I used the original Tomtom CL plug socket 5V1.2A output/ 12/24V1A input/FUSE32V1.5A CLA4UUC3Z/4UUC.002.03/1594K80593M1AC and usb cable supplied with the car mount. As I could read in here, I am not a alone having the same problem, reputedly there were car mount from earlier production series affected.Tomtom already offered a replacement.So will see.I will post a comment once my issue is settled.
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