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Purchased map not available for download

jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
Purchased the latest Map..and when completed, I usually received a link to Download it..but haven't yet.
My order shows "In progress" in my account.
Does that mean It's in the works..?? - to wait for an email with the Link..??
Haven't seen that before..?


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,346
    Call support to straighten things out then:
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST
  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Thanks again DHN..
    Spoke with them..and was advised to wait 24 hrs for It to be fully processed, then an email should be sent with the link.
    Being this is an Old model..he said that the (internal) memory may not be sufficient and/or out of date...- When I mentioned that Im using a memory card..he said then that Is the way to go and all should be ok.. in about 24 hrs.
    So I'll hand tight till tomorrow and see what happens...as I said to him.
    Will let you know...
    Thanks again
  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    .. Well, I spoke with them just now and been advised by this agent that my GO730 is obsolete... and won't accept any new maps even using a SD card. I can write the new map to the SDcard but the obsolete Application won't read it...So it looks like I have to invest in a new one. I liked the way this 730 mounted.. Guess I'll start looking.
    Any suggestions....?
  • dhndhn Posts: 33,346
    Check the serial number of your 730. If it does NOT start with J3, then it is NOT End of Life (that is for the European model). If it is NOT J3 then call support back and have them rectify the situation.
  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Checked with them again and she said the GO730 ( J3 or J4 serial nbrs)...are out of date... as of Jan2016. She said the 730 can only take up to 2 gb (of SDcard.).. ?!?. I've been using an 8gig card for more than a year..and received updates and new maps up until thus last one... She was pretty adamant about it. They'll refund my purchase, but said if I buy a new subscription and have problems...i could be SOL.....
  • dhndhn Posts: 33,346
    I'll let a contact here know of your problem. something doesn't sound right to me. Check back.
  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Thx a mil.
    She sent me a link with a list of End of Life units and the GO730 isn't on it.. unless I missed it..?
  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    On that list is GO730 -J3 version.. Im on J4.
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,916 Moderator
    Hi jatco

    Sorry for the trouble caused....

    Your device GO 720(J4) is still supported. It looks there was some confusion at the customer service end and they ended up giving you the wrong information.

    I have sent them a heads up, so someone will be getting in touch with you to offer assistance.

  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Thanks Vikram....
    They processed a refund of my purchase, so we'll see what happens.
  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    An update.. as of today. Got a phone msg..and email from TT Customer Support/, Re: 171116-000xxx, that my refund has been processed..( I guess it'll appear at some point)..
    Her response..:
    "Thomas, as discussed on call, the TomTom device that you are using rightnow is a bit older model of TomTom however because of the fact that it is one of the legacy model which will become EOL soon the new updates may affect the internal memory of it and there is a possibility that the device may go bad.

    I would like to inform you that the refund request of the USA-Canada map has been approved. However, you should be able to see the amount of $ 50.37 credited to your account.

    However please check the device whether it is working properly (which it is..) ..or not and let us know about your decision of updating it.

    Thank you for your time and giving me an opportunity to assist you today.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us using this link Click here to reply
    or call us at 877-757-7137 Monday
    through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST.

    With Kind Regards,

    TomTom Customer Support
    I have asked for an Update. I believe I have enough Internal Memory (1833.2mb free space), along with plenty of SD card memory (2236.2mb of an 8gig card)..to accomodate what is needed. ..(unless Im out of touch...?!?_.
    So... I'll wait again to see how things proceed.
    I want to thank you VikramK and DHN for all your help on this issue. ...
    Will keep you...and others posted on the outcome.

    Mod edit: Please don't post personal or private information on a public forum.Thanks!!
  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Update -
    Received the refund of my previous purchase and today received a new message from TT Customer Support/Poonam J (US) who provided me with a Code to use, to purchase the maps from TT website. She advised me that I have to 1st delete the old maps from my TT GO730 " I would like to inform you that, to download the new map you first have to delete the previous map then only the new map will be downloaded. In order to delete the older map please follow the steps as mentioned below....-" When I do, .. " You will loose all your favourites after removing the old maps".. - I guess that is what it is..??
    (..still kinda thought New Maps would overwrite older maps...but maybe thats not the case...?..).
    I have not yet gone to the TT website to use the 'code' provided, before I check in with you knowledgeable Gents, to see if this seems to be OK..! .. OR..will this New Map Subscription, be the Last...for the GO730 -J4 series...??
    Just looking for some assurance...
    Thank you all for your time and input
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,916 Moderator
    Hi Jatco

    As long as you have an active map update subscription on your account you will continue to receive map updates for your device. Irrespective of whether your device is declared as EOL in future the map update will be offered till the subscription expires.

    With regards to map installation, yes the old map gets removed first and then the new map will be installed. To avoid losing your favourites you can create a backup and restore it after installing the new map, see this FAQ

    Hope this helps:)

  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Hi Vikram
    Im using a memory card since theres not enough internak.memory, so I presume I should remove tge old map for the card...?
    Tho obvious, I just want ti check.
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,916 Moderator
    Hi Jatco

    You can create a back up of your device on your computer using TomTom HOME first. Then use TomTom HOME to remove the existing map- See steps under DELETING A MAP

    Once the map has been removed then you can download a fresh version- [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1G-5cpu5Go&feature=youtu.be[/video]

  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Hi Vikram..
    Finally able to have some time to do this...
    When following your instructions, on Steps, under Deleting a Map.. theres a notation ' "Important: Do not delete a map to install a newer version of the same region."...
    So, what should I do.. ? - Delete the old or No...??
  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Well... I finally got the time to log into Tom Tom to purchase a new subscription with the discount code provided, only to find that the discount is only $10.00 off the $74.95 subscription, vs the 40% discount on my original purchase, which because of error/misinformation from TT about my GO730-J4 series and that it is, still supported.
    My message back to Customer Support- .
    Thank you for the info and the Discount code..which is unsatisfactory. I purchased a new subscription for the Offer of $74.95 less 40% discount, which came to $44.97 plus taxes of $5.40 for a total of $50.37. Your discount is only $10.0 off. It is Tom Tom's fault and error that you got my GO730 confused with other GO units saying that mine is at End of Life, so I couldn't use the map I had purchased....which in reality I could have, since you corrected the GO730-J4 information. Now you're saying you unable to match the original offer. - That is unacceptable...and I am not happy about it.
    You say that "this is the maximum discount we offer from our end to purchase the maps."
    I suggest then, that you speak with your superiors or 'another' end of Tom Tom to offer what I had and paid for.
    Await your reply
    .. I hope that's not too harsh, but I'm a bit peeved that it's costing me $20.00+ more than what I had...- Doesn't seem fair or right, in my opinion. Ugh...
    Sorry for my rant...
  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    ...Update to my previous post..( I don't see a way of editing that...).. However, I found the previous email from [email protected], with their offer to renew the 1 year map service, at the price I previously paid for, which I clicked on, paid for, (as before) and received the link to Download. I first removed the old map(s) from my memory card, and downloaded the new map. After 2 attempts, the New map copied to my memory card and all seemed good. I did have to update/add some items, like my Favorites..(thought they were on my computer-but no big deal..).. and Home location..
    Did a 'trial run' to navigate to some destinations.. and all seems OK..!!
    I'll see what happens tomorrow...on the road...
    So.. at this point all seems good..and at the price I had paid for...!
    Just thought I'd share......
    I'll adv TT Customer Service as well..........!
    Thank you guys..for all your assistance....
  • jatcojatco Posts: 93 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    An update....1 month later.
    My GO730 seems to be doing just fine..
    Yesterday I received an email from TT Promotions advising that the older models will be 'End of Life'..
    " We will continue to provide quick GPS fix updates so your device will continue to function as it does now, but your map will become out-of-date and as such navigation will be less accurate. For this reason, we have had to stop software updates, sales of map updates and other services as of January 2018. Your trusted device will still work perfectly but you will no longer be able to buy any further map updates." Of course they had an offer for a comparable model, the GO620 just released.
    Will my current subscription for Updates still be valid...( its 1 month old).. or is it time to Upgrade. The 620 seems to have a lot of features..
    What's your opinion(s)..?
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