Another broken strap, I do not know how many I wear ... very bad product

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After several changes of straps, all broken, they supposedly send me a premium, 5 months after using it broken again.
I do not know how they do not drop their face of embarrassment of having such bad quality belts. The truth if someone asks me, as is the product in general, I can not say that it is good, the reverse is quite bad and leaves much to be desired


  • Giacomo Ardesi
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    I agree, there's clearly a design flaw with the straps. The only way to prevent them to break is to be careful when pressing the watch body out of place. I broke two straps, but they were replaced under warranty.
  • EVA_27
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    My strap lasted for 18 months, which is about the same life span I've had from any strap on any watch. I never take the body out of the strap (why would I? few people seem to realise you can actually connect the watch to the charger without taking it out) and I take it off at night - I'm guessing these things prolong the life span of the strap.