Icons displayed when connected to an external heartrate belt

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I have recently paired an external heartrate monitor to my BR500 watch. It is working very well the data collected displays on the run analysis. Earl on in my runs I am getting a series of icons flashing on complete with vibration. I assume that they are to do with heartrate because they only began after I paired up to the H/R belt. They comprise of an UP-Arrow, a DOWN Arrow and a set of concentric circles that look like a target. My suspicion is that they are pointers to the heartrate zone selected on the watch, in my case Fat Burn. Can someone confirm what they represent and how best to employ the indications. On the first run they only occured once in the sequence Down-arrow, Up-arrow and circles, whereas it happened twice early on in the 2nd run. Any help is much appreciated.


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    They are indicating you have a Zone training mode set. If you do not want it on press down from the activity start screen and select Training>None. What it is indicating is what you need to do to your effort, so if it is a down arrow, you need to reduce your effort as your HR is too high, an up arrow means you need to get your HR up and a bulls eye means you are on target. It will not constantly alert you if you are out of the target zone, just once as you go in or out.

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    Thanks for the explanation. That's very helpful and useful as I have been trying to run near that target level.