Via 1515 update problems- No connection with MyDrive Connect

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I have a Via 1515 with lifetime free maps. Until today I have had no problems updating. Today when I connect to my computer the Tom Tom software does not recognize that I have connected to the computer. All USB ports are fine and so it the connecting cord. I made sure the My Drive Connect software is also up to date and I restarted my computer. This is very frustrating as the GPS has been glitchy in the car and it appears that is one of the updates waiting.


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    Anything here?:

    Also, try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds.

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    The RESET of the device worked. Once the device was reconnected the TomTom Driver reinstalled. The interesting part was that there is no longer room for an update beyond reducing the scope of the available map (for example Canada-USA-Mexico to Canada-Eastern USA). The other suggestion is to purchase a memory card. I'm in my account so it's strange that there is an option to purchase an SD card when there is no SD card slot on the device. At least, there appears that there is no slot available and trying to purchase one is also impossible on TomTom's site.
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    @Crazy_Canuck: If you have a 15xx model, there IS a card slot on your device. May be where the cable connects to the device or on the bottom covered by a swingaway cover or the back of the device but there is a slot.

    And don't waste time and money getting a microsdhc card from the Tomtom site. Get a 16 gb card (SanDisk is a good choice) from a big box store or other places that would sell them locally.
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    I do not live in the USA.

    I am having a problem and have asked for help from TOM TOM several times.

    I simple question, : Why does my battery not charge?" Tom Tom must have an answer, however the technical support people are clueless. The answer is NOT to buy a new unit, what is wrong and why and how do I fix it?