Time in cinema recorded as sleep

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Yesterday morning I bought a TomTom Runner 3. It worked perfectly in the gym; unlike with my previous sports watch I get accurate heart rate readings. But yesterday night I went to the cinema. And now I notice the watch recorded the time in the cinema as sleep. Start and end times match almost perfectly with the running time of the film. And I can assure you: I did not fall asleep during the film. In fact I really liked it (it was The Square.) Is this something that will happen every time I watch a movie, tv or read a book?


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    Sleep tracking is based on lack of movement. So unless you start moving your arms more while watching the movie, it will indeed register as sleep time.
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    Wow, if it works like that, it's useless. I thought it's based on 24 heart rate monitoring.. at least might be both - you're not moving for a while but your heart rate looks like you're doing something - not sleeping; Often heart rate monitor is not accurate, but then if it's under 50bpm but it looks like your in move - not sleeping.
    And what if you turn over to the other side while sleeping? You moved - not sleeping? :/