Sleep and Step tracking

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I've had my watch on over night for the past two nights, got it on Wed 8th Nov. I started using it right away.

Wed and Thursday night I went to bed around 10:30 pm and got up around 6:30 am, so approx 7.5 hours sleep.

The watch says I was only asleep for 2.12 hours on Wed night, from 10.12 pm - 12.24 am. There's nothing for the ealry hours of Thursday morning.

Similarly, there is nothing recorded for Thursday night, it starts tracking at 1.15 am on Friday morning.

Why are the recorded hours so low and erratic?

Regarding steps, simple question... are these used to calculate your daily calorie burn?

If so mine seem way to high as I have a desk job and drive to and from work. I exercise for about an hour daily, alternating between running and weight training.

Look forward to your response


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    TomTom sleep tracking detects only movements of the arm using its internal acceloremeter so it is pretty useless because the data are in most of cases inaccurate. For instance if you leave your watch on the desk for 2 hours, it detects no movements as sleep.

    On the other hand, the pedometer is really accurate but i don't know how they calculate calories. I think that they calculate BMR using weight and height ( i don't know which formula they use) and then add calories burned during the activity.
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    Thanks for your reply, think I'll stop tracking sleep if its not very accurate.

    Good to know that steps are not being used to calculate BMR, if I've read that correctly. Getting an idea of my BMR was one of the main reasons I bought the watch.