The UConnect 5's maps is wrong in Brazil.

Leca Filho
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I just bought a Jeep Renegade in Brazil and the navigation system have wrong maps that indicates wrong ways and streets to take. I already did the procedure to actualize the maps but the Tomtom Home aplication returns a mesage that my map is at the last version.

I can not believe that I will keep using Waze or Google Maps to conduct my car in my country even having a powerfull tool installed at my new car's Muti Media central.

Can Tomtom be more agile at the maps actualization?

Is there another way to actualize the map?


  • Anselmo_DRW
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    Bom dia Já tentou o 0800 da Jeep no Brasil??
    boa sorte.
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    Oi, Leca! Tudo bem?

    Você conseguiu melhorar seu mapa? Tenho um Jeep Renegade e estou no mesmo dilema.
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    I got a Renegade 3 weeks ago. Just now had time to check the GPS. Same level of frustration.

    Regardless I think this is lack of respect from the triad Jeep / Fiat / TomTom I'm willing to buy the newest version even for a 3week and 500Km car. But the application simply does not allow.

    More than that, I really want to use the "Live Traffic" feature that is depicted on the user manual but here I had the news that the equipment does not support it.

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    Niall wrote:

    Thank you for your support. I had no idea this website focused on uConnect exists. (Thanks to Jeep/Fiat/TomTom to not getting us all information available...).

    However there is no updates on the maps and they are wrong. As a matter of fact I think this is a very well known problem to them. I've being offered to replace all Multimedia system with a new one (not developed by Jeep/Fiat/TomTom) based on Android.

    Note: This offer is official from a Jeep Dealer and does not void Jeep's warranty.

    So, even the official dealers know this multimedia system is a bad joke after all...