Unable to pair Huawei P8 lite with TomTom Runner 3 cardio

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I just received my TomTom Runner 3 cardio watch and am trying for hours now to connect it with my phone.
I took the following steps:
- Register on tomtom app
- connect watch to pc and update watch
- Fully charge the watch
- Enable 4g, bluetooth and gps
- Open tomtom sports app, select product (watch)
- On watch, navigate to phone, pair new
- On phone, select TomTom GPS Watch
- Connecting... but nothing happens...

Tried resetting the watch and rebooting my phone but it's still the same. The watch does not show a pin code and on the phone there is no option to fill in a code.
My phone is a huawei p8 lite with android version 6.0 and EMUI on it.
Please help me!