TomTom Services online update for smart Media-System

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my new smart Media-System (smart forfour ED) has 3 years of updates for tomtom services (HD traffic, tomtom places, weather, quickgpsfix...). I can see in the screen all services are activated until 11.9.2020.

My question is how those services are updated?
I need to update the sd card with MyDrive connect app in my laptop or the device can use the built-in sim card to connect to internet (I have access to my car online, so the car is always online) and keep all services up to date ???
Services like HD traffic and weather, should be updated online, but I think weather is not been updated, and I'm using TMC instead of HD Traffic.

if I try to login to my tomtom account in the device, it says my user and password are wrong, but they aren' I think the smart Media-System is not connected to internet with the sim car of the car.

Any idea? thanks in advance.