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Warning for roadworks that aren't there

RGM71RGM71 Posts: 362 [Renowned Wayfarer]
Since a few months TomTom is also showing roadworks on minor roads and on local important roads, at least in the Netherlands.

Since then I notice that sometimes TomTom warns for roadworks on roadsegments on these roads, which aren't there in reality.

This is such an example. It is not announced on the official site with roadworks in Eindhoven and since I live in that area and take that road quit often, I can assure that there are no roadworks indeed (or every time I have missed them completely ;) ).

Though these fake-incidents don't influence route-calculations, I still believe that in the end these fake-incidents shouldn't be shown or warned for. What do you think?



  • MegalosMegalos Posts: 5,825 Superusers
    I agree, of course. Non-existing roadworks should not be shown, regardless of whether it affects routing.
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