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Since (I believe) my last spark 3 (music and cardio) update to 1.7.53 (I see another code HNxxxxGxxxxx dont know if that's useful info) I cannot pair my watch with either my Samsung S8 (Android 7.0) nor my iPad (iOS 9.3.5). Neither of them have tomtom watch as a known bluetooth device so neither have something they need to 'forget'. I follow the connection steps via the mysports app and it recognises a watch is nearby but neither android or iOS ever prompt me to enter the pin thats displayed on the watch. At this juncture because its both Android and iOS amd more than coincidentatly seems to be since I updated my watch I can only assume this is a Tom Tom issue. Please help. It's frustrating as all hell.

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    If you search the forums you will this is a known issue for some users with the new update. They are reportedly working on a fix, but no timeline has been communicated. In the meanwhile you always have the option of syncing via computer. If you go to this post and ask the monitor to roll back your firmware version it should fix it, although you will lose the Fitness Points and Fit age features:

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    The user Jurgen has amended (server-side) my default factory reset version to 1.3.255 which meant when I perfomed afactory reset it went back to this version of the firmeare as opposed to the latedt version (at time of writing). This resolved all my connection issues. So to confirm for anyone reading, the connection issues described in my original post are related to firmware version 1.7.53. I'll stay on 1.3.255 for the rine being, ignoring any prompts to update until there is a stable version released (later than 1.7.53).

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